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T.R.A.P.P. Stars Inc. empowers youth to make healthy lifestyle choices by providing events and opportunity in the safe environment that encourages youth success and contributes to a healthier community.

T.R.A.P.P. stands for Teaching, Rambunctious, Adolescents, Peaceful Positude

T.R.A.P.P. Stars is different

We Truly Care

We have a passion for helping our youth become successful adults. The youth will receive positive guidance and development.

We’re here to help

Many parents are working longer hours to make ends meet, leaving youth unsupervised for long amounts of time. Many families can no longer afford to provide their children with money for entertainment and other activities.

Unsupervised and unengaged teen are on their own after school with no parent or responsible adults around and with nothing to do and/or nothing expected of them.

T.R.A.P.P. STARS Inc., creates safe havens for young people to express themselves and be their most well, vibrant and engaged selves in their families, homes, and communities.

  • Food drives for the community
  • Back to school support
  • Regular group meeting on leadership and community
  • Focus on needs for women and girls
  • Direct giving to the community and providing genuine
    guidance hand by hand to young people today.
We’re building


Innovative programming and mentorship build the foundation of values, character, and behaviors that create strong and safe communities for young people to thrive.


Survivor led organization by staff who have experienced incarceration, trauma, and mental health challenges firsthand.


Uses Restorative Justice Practices allowing professionals to share their testimony by building positive relationships with youth first, and supporting local community resources.

T.R.A.P.P. Stars Offerings

We create safe havens for young people to express themselves and be their most well, vibrant and engaged selves in their families, homes, and communities.

Mental Health and Substance Services

We provide mental health and substance use services – through a partnership with Hillcrest Children and family center. 

After School Programs and Tutor Services

Youth are welcome every day after school to socialize with peers, receive homework help, snacks. Tutor services offered with Serve Your City with Tutoring our kids – sign up for tutoring today! 

A Liaison Hub for Food and Shelter Services

We can be a support between families and schools. Home visits for local referrals (food, clothes, needs) Snacks and a hot meal are provided on Fridays.

Field Trips and Volunteering

Getting the young people out into the community (or out of the community) can be life changing. Local trips include community service projects, camping, and trips to local businesses, movies, and more.

Weekend and Year Around Events

The events help boost our attendance, gain community support, recruit new members and give youth something fun to do on the weekends.

Leadership and Community Support

We helping young people use their voice for community issues like gun violence, food access, homelessness, suicide, depression, and other related issues. We provide counseling and mentorships.

Why Choose T.R.A.P.P. Stars for your child

Because, it takes a village to raise a child!

T.R.A.P.P. Stars, works closely with youth in wards 7 & 8. We work hand to hand with government agencies’ youth and family division’s, Such as The Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, Department of Behavioral Health, and Child Family Services Agency.

We have a partnership with Hillcrest Children and Family Center where we run a Youth Community Center 4 days a week, focusing on repairing harm that may have happened at home or their communities. We help the young person, their family, and our communities (Neighborhood, schools, etc).

We’re Providing a Healthy Alternative

One of the biggest complaints that we hear from young people about why they use drugs are that there is nothing else to do. T.R.A.P.P. Stars strives to provide healthy alternatives such as trips, groups, case management and a safe haven for the youth to come to daily.

With the current state of the economy, youth are in more need of a space such as a youth center and shelter than ever before.

At our T.R.A.P.P. OUT Center your child receives a supervised, substance-free place to socialize with peers and healthy activities and prevention programming for youth. Youth gets the opportunity to promote ownership and a sense of belonging that shows they’re are part of a community.

The T.R.A.P.P. OUT Center

The T.R.A.P.P. OUT Center focus on: Financial Literacy, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Appropriate & Inappropriate Relationships, Mental Health, Substance Abuse Groups, and Art Therapy & Girls/Boys Groups and much more.

3029 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE,
Washington, Dc 20032

Community Center Facility Hours:
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri: 4:00pm-8:00pm
Saturday: 12:00pm-4:00pm
(We are closed on Tuesdays and Sundays)

Shelter Hours: 24 hours a day/7 day a week

Sign Your Child Up Today!

Let us use our positive influence to your child build self-esteem and skills for success. We’re empowering youth to make the choices to live a healthy lifestyle.

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